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Dr. Hugh L. HoustonDr. Dyer has an extensive background in laparoscopic surgery, specializing in many major gastrointestinal procedures as well as access for minimally invasive spine surgery. Dr. Dyer currently serves as President of the Nashville Surgical Society.

Specialties: Bariatric and General Surgery

Languages: English

Gender: Male

Medical School: University of Tennessee School of Medicine

Board Status: The American Board of Surgery

Residency: University of Tennessee

Dr. Dyer, what is the best thing about your job?
"The best thing about being a bariatric surgeon is having the honor to serve in a way that has such a positive and profound effect on patients lives. I take very seriously the trust and confidence that they place in me and my excellent team of medical and surgical personnel. We are committed to giving great care and respect to all of our patients throughout the entire process. It is most fulfilling to see them regain a healthy and happy life following their bariatric surgical procedure."

What are some major life events you’ve experienced and how have they influenced you?
"My young son and wife underwent major brain surgery within a two year period. In that time I realized how fragile life could be as I watched and experienced the medical and surgical world from the side of the patient and family. The fear for loved ones, the prayers for a physician’s skill, and the healing taught me more than any medical book or class ever could. I would like to think that my life experiences have increased my knowledge and skill."

Who is your hero?
"Each day I encounter many heroes from those in service positions of every calling to those known through media attention. Certainly each of our men and women in the military at home and abroad are heroes. However the most influential hero in my life is JESUS CHRIST who guides and directs me each day."


Dr. Dyer

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